Morgan Standard Truck Body

Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum “standard” Class 4 to 7 GVW truck bodies include the innovative design, quality construction, and optional features that make them perfect dry goods delivery vehicles — regardless of what you haul!

With body lengths ranging from 10 to 28 feet, options to specify height and width parameters, and the ability to select door, bumper and lift-gate configurations to satisfy your unique needs — it's no surprise that Morgan's standard box truck body has set the standard for the industry for over 60 years!

Morgan innovation changed the van body industry when they produced an aluminum body that is aerodynamic in design, and features patented poly-tuff corners, a reinforced front-end, rugged rear frame, clearance light protectors, rain deflector and LED lighting sets -- to make it the toughest body on the road.

Aluminum Sheet and Post Design

By using weather-resistant aluminum sheet and post design, Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum “box truck”/“straight truck” configuration offers a durable body that weighs less, offers improved fuel efficiency, resists corrosion, and provides an excellent barrier between your payload and the elements.

Various Cargo Control Interiors

Morgan attention-to-detail includes a variety of optional features that make it easy to customize the cargo area to accommodate whatever you carry.  From your choice of tie-downs and enhanced lighting and skylight packages, to flexible shelving and rack system configurations — Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum bodies support improved cargo control, easier, more efficient access, AND a safer work environment.

Every Morgan body is customized to meet your unique needs, so you're ready to meet the unique needs of YOUR customers!

Flooring has two screws per board in a staggered pattern design for added durability; and a dome light bracket that's actually attached to the roof bow for added security, means Morgan delivers an interior workspace that's designed and BUILT to last!

Strength and stability are all that matters when it comes to your sub-frame…Pre-undercoated floorboards, tapered wood sleeper-slats and steel u-bolts, deliver the solid platform you need -- and expect from Morgan.



Perfect Opportunity To Own This F650 CNG Mechanic's Truck

New Demo 2012 Ford F650 Chassis Cab with V10 and dedicated CNG option.

Body: CASECO Master Mechanic Series, Model MM266. 133" Body Length, Fully Integrated Substructure and Side Pack Assembly, 24" Workbench Bumper, Exterior LED Work Lights, Interior LED Work Lights, Split 10-Drawer Unit on Driver's Side, GRACO Filter, Lubricator, Regulator Assembly, Stellar Model 10621 Hydraulic Telescopic Crane, 60,000 ft./lb., 10,000 lb. Maximum Lift, 21' Hydraulic Reach, Stellar SRS40P Rotary Screw Hydraulic Air Compressor with 22 Gallon Air Tank, Manual In/Out, Hydraulic Up/Down Outriggers, CASECO CNG Cross Box, 2-21x80 CNG Tanks (58 GGE), Impco CNG Conversion. 

This is a new demo unit Mechanic's Body that was mounted on our own F650 chassis and shown at a few shows around the country. It was trucked to each event, not driven. It was converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The CNG unit is a QVM approved IMPCO kit, Dedicated CNG, 58 GGE (Gallons of Gas Equivalent), with Type 4 Lincoln composite tanks.

This unit is now is ready for sale. Because of the fact it was used as a demonstrator, we have secured extremely discounted pricing and can offer this unit at a very special one-time price. It comes with a full factory warranty and the IMPCO CNG kit has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

If you're interested in a dedicated CNG Mechanic's Truck, please call Joe Hughes at 253-709-0001 or you can email him at joehughes@fordpros.com, or contact Don Beezley at Northside Ford Truck Sales in Portland OR at 503-282-7777, ext 180 or you can email him at dbeezley@northsidetrucks.com. This unit is offered for sale by Northside Ford Truck Sales, Portland, OR.


Ford's Next Generation SuperDuty Goes Aluminum Too

We've known this was coming for a while but Ford made it official when Raj Nair, Ford's head of product development, announced to a group of current and potential investors that the next-generation Super Duty will also be adopting an aluminum body — just like the new F-150.

The Detroit News reported the announcement while automotive journalists are test-driving the 2015 F-150 in Texas.

Ford has not announced when the next Super Duty will debut, but given the fact our spy photographer have caught quite a few Super Dutys testing this past June, August and September, we're guessing the next truck could debut as a 2016 or 2017 model. Our spies even saw one burn to the ground.

Since all Super Dutys (which account for about half of all F-Series sales at a healthy profit margin) are currently produced at only one site — the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville — modifying it presents a problem. To prepare for the 2015 F-150, Ford shut down one plant for modification while still producing the half-ton at its other F-150 plant. Ford can't do that with the Super Dutys.

When the Kentucky plant is shut down for the eight to 10 weeks (and that might be an optimistic amount of time) to refit for the new Super Dutys, it will deliver a huge hit to Ford's bottom line. You can bet Chevrolet, GMC and Ram will be ready to take advantage of the changeover by offering special deals on heavy-duty models during Ford's plant shutdown. However, it wouldn't surprise us if Ford had some type of backup plan to produce Super Dutys somewhere else.

Cars.com image by Evan Sears; spy photo by Kent Sundling

Source: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2014/11/fords-next-generation-super-duty-goes-aluminum-too.html


Knapheide Service Body Product Training Video

This new video features the most up to date standard offerings found on Knapheide Service Bodies..   The videos feature a comprehensive overview of the features and end user benefits found on Service Bodies and KUV's.


Scelzi Flatbed Offers Lots of Options

We spotted this Scelzi Flatbed mounted on a Ford F350. It appears to be a steel bed with a 7/8" aluminum floor, side pockets and a  California Dock Bumper with Receiver Hitch. Notice the nice added detail of the full width expanded metal window opening and the the rounded top corners on the Headboard!

Standard Features
  •     Choice of 50-50 or One-Window Headboard
  •     1/2" Rope Hooks on each Cross Member
  •     Tail Plate with California Dock Bumper
  •     OEM Taillights, Seal Beam Clearance Light
  •     Stainless Steel Gas Bezel
  •     Tapered A.J. Bear Style Stake Pockets
  •     Choice of color Black or White
Optional Features

Can be manufactured with any of the following:
  •     1-1/8" Hardwood or 7/8" Aluminum Floors - 16" Crossmember
  •     12 Gauge Diamond Plate or 10 Gauge Smooth Steelover 1/8" Plywood
  •     3/16" Solid Diamond Plate Bed
  •     3/16" Smooth Steel Available
Available for Scelzi and Western Flatbeds
  •     Underbody Tool Box
  •     Available in 24", 30", 36", 40", 48" and 60" long;
  •     18" high - 18" deep.
  •     Top Mounted Tool Box - Close Top
  •     Available in 72", 96" and 108" long;
  •     18" high - 18" deep.
  •     Top Mounted Tool Box - Open Top
  •     Available in 48", 72", 96" and 108" long;
  •     18" high - 18" deep.
Side Racks
  •     A.J. Bear style tapered polished stainless steel stakes with slats.
  •     Available in 12", 15", 18", 24", 36", 42", 48" heights.
  •     Other combinations of painted steel stakes or plywood, steel or aluminum siding can be ordered.
Optional Tie Down Rail



Reading Classic II Work Truck Walkaround

The Aluminum Classic II offers an unbeatable combination of standard features, useful options, and the know-how of over 25 years of refinement. This service body is designed for efficiency today, and built to last for tomorrow. See more at www.ReadingBody.com


Over 50 Dump Trucks - Job Ready

We have over 50 dump trucks in stock in our network. The model shown is a 2-3 yard  dump body. You will be able to find an F-Series Model to suit your needs.

Come in or give us a call 800-757-4535.     6221 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland OR 97218


Into the Arctic | 2015 F-150 Truck | You Test: Episode #4

See what happens when the new 2015 F-150 tows at maximum payload over the Dempster Highway – a rough, desloate, 900-mile stretch of gravel road that goes through the Arctic Circle.

Discover the future of tough: http://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/2015/


Morgan Cut- Away Cargo Body Mounted on Ford Transit

This Transit cutaway box truck is one of 70 in-stock Cargo units in the Work Truck Solutions network. This new Transit chassis includes a Morgan FRP cut-away type body,

The Transit front suspension consists of subframe-mounted MacPherson struts and a stabilizer bar for smoother, flatter cornering, combined with progressive rear leaf springs and heavy-duty gas-charged dampers for wellcontrolled ride quality – regardless of load status

Transmission: Six-speed automatic with SelectShift® capability Configuration/series: Van, wagon XL, wagon XLT

Engines: 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6, 275 hp, 260 lb.-ft. torque; 3.5-liter EcoBoost® V6, 320 hp, 400 lb.-ft. torque; 3.2-liter Power Stroke® turbo diesel I-5, 185 hp, 350 lb.-ft. torque

Morgan Cut-a-way Box:

Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) panels are built of sturdy 3/8" plywood for improved durability; and surfaced with a polyester resin reinforced with high strength woven fiberglass, for greater resistance to scratches and dents.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood Construction

Morgan's Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood Cut-A-Way bodies are tough enough to handle the same heavy use as full-size models, but offer the advantage of a compact delivery vehicle that makes delivery in tight, urban environments — easier.

Morgan's Parcel Van cab configuration helps to reduce driver exposure to the elements (and traffic) by providing quick and easy access to the cargo area from the cab.

Resists Scratches and Dents

The rigors of heavy use can show up as scratches and dents that compromise the appearance of most bodies — EXCEPT Morgan's FRP. Not only does FRP stand up to minor impacts without showing signs of wear and tear, but the smooth, unmarred finish maintains a professional appearance — even after years of use.

Great for Graphics

The same material that makes FRP extra-strong also creates a smooth, seamless surface that's perfect for custom graphics.

Various Cargo Interior Options

Not only do Morgan FRP bodies make it easy to secure almost any cargo configuration, but a range of options — including lighting and translucent roof packages, flooring, scuff plate and bulkhead selections, and even side door size and placement specifications — are available to make access to your cargo easier, safer and more efficient.

A variety of cargo configurations and E-track, Solid Hardwood-slat and tie-ring securement options are available to make it easy to secure cargo at almost any point…and maximize payload.

Come in or give us a call 800-757-4535.     6221 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland OR 97218


2015 Ford Transit Medium Roof with Sortimo Package

Rod Bergquist gives us a short tour of the new Ford 2015 Transit van. This one is the medium height and long wheelbase and also has a Sortimo package inside to show off some great storage solutions. See more at www.NorthsideTrucks.com


2015 Ford Transit Benefits and Features Tour

Bob Kelly gives us a good tour of a 2015 Ford Transit medium height roof and the long wheelbase. This unit also has a Knapheide Sortimo package including a bulkhead. See more at www.NorthsideTrucks.com


Knapheide Offers Bodies For Transit Cutaway & Cab Chassis

Knapheide has released a full line-up of bodies for the all-new, 2015 Ford Transit cutaway and cab chassis.

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has developed a full line-up of bodies for the 2015 Ford Transit cutaway and cab chassis.  The selection includes America's most popular enclosed utility body (KUV™) and service body, along with Knapheide's Value-Master X™ platform body.

KUV™ models for the Ford Transit are packed with standard features including secure and easily accessible side compartments, designated conduit chutes for transporting longer materials, power locks on body compartment doors, an enclosed and oversized cargo area among many other features.  The abundant storage offers increased productivity and efficiency through better organization of parts, tools, and equipment.  A total of nine standard models are available which include several different body height and length combinations compatible with the Transit cutaway chassis.  The KUV™ is an ideal commercial vehicle for plumbing, electrical, and construction applications.

Products available for the Transit cab chassis include the Knapheide service body and Value-Master X™ platform body.  Much like the KUV™, the Knapheide service body provides secure and versatile storage enabling mobile technicians to find the parts, tools, and equipment they need when they need it.  Knapheide's Value-Master X™ platform body features a reinforced understructure and a variety of floor materials to choose from including pine or apitong wood, smooth steel, and tread plate. The Value-Master X™ has proven its' versatility in landscaping, construction, and agriculture environments.

All bodies for the Transit cutaway and cab chassis are constructed of rugged galvanneal steel and fully immersed in Knapheide's exclusive electrodeposition prime paint system translating into superior corrosion resistance and years of reliable service in the field.

The Knaheide Manufacturing company is proud to provide its' customer with commercial vehicle solutions for tomorrow's commercial vehicles, including the Ford Transit cutaway and cab chassis.\



Extreme Opportunity On New Ford F650 Demo CNG Mechanic Truck

New Demo 2012 Ford F650 Chassis Cab with V10 and dedicated CNG option.

Body: CASECO Master Mechanic Series, Model MM266. 133" Body Length, Fully Integrated Substructure and Side Pack Assembly, 24" Workbench Bumper, Exterior LED Work Lights, Interior LED Work Lights, Split 10-Drawer Unit on Driver's Side, GRACO Filter, Lubricator, Regulator Assembly, Stellar Model 10621 Hydraulic Telescopic Crane, 60,000 ft./lb., 10,000 lb. Maximum Lift, 21' Hydraulic Reach, Stellar SRS40P Rotary Screw Hydraulic Air Compressor with 22 Gallon Air Tank, Manual In/Out, Hydraulic Up/Down Outriggers, CASECO CNG Cross Box, 2-21x80 CNG Tanks (58 GGE), Impco CNG Conversion. 

This is a new demo unit Mechanic's Body that was mounted on our own F650 chassis and shown at a few shows around the country. It was trucked to each event, not driven. It was converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The CNG unit is a QVM approved IMPCO kit, Dedicated CNG, 58 GGE (Gallons of Gas Equivalent), with Type 4 Lincoln composite tanks.

This unit is now is ready for sale. Because of the fact it was used as a demonstrator, we have secured extremely discounted pricing and can offer this unit at a very special one-time price. It comes with a full factory warranty and the IMPCO CNG kit has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

If you're interested in a dedicated CNG Mechanic's Truck, please call Joe Hughes at 253-709-0001 or you can email him at joehughes@fordpros.com, or contact Don Beezley at Northside Ford Truck Sales in Portland OR at 503-282-7777, ext 180 or you can email him at dbeezley@northsidetrucks.com. This unit is offered for sale by Northside Ford Truck Sales, Portland, OR.


CURTMFG: SEMA 2014 New Products - Gooseneck Hitches

CURT offers up 30 new applications for our gooseneck line. That almost covers every truck on the road today! Look no further for durability,superior craftsmanship and dependability when it comes to heavy duty towing. Bring IT with CURT!


The Premium Stakeless Body - Rugby's Landscape Uni-Body

Rugby's "Landscape Uni-Body" is a 12 foot, fully welded, premium stakeless body with centered horizontal formed rib,
offered with either the traditional 2-piece uni-punched barn door over a
drop down tailgate or with a 2-piece full height, double rear swing out

  •     Fully welded stakeless body.
  •     Standard outside dimensions: 12'4" long outside (12' inside) 96" wide outside (86" inside)
  •     10 gauge, 48" tall stakeless sides with centered horizontal formed rib
  •     Curbside front has 54" wide door opening for easy access for most pallet sizes.
  •     Stakeless front panel 48" tall of 10 gauge steel, with centered horizontal v-bend.
  •     10-gauge 2 piece smooth steel floor, center seam welded underneath.
  •     9" formed channel long sills from 7-gauge material with interlaced 4" crossmembers spaced approximately 14" apart.
  •     Easy access to all door handles from ground level.
  •     Outset heavy-duty greaseable hinges allow doors to be opened completely and be pinned back with provided door holders.
  •     Rugby products’ lighting locations have been designed to assist the installer in meeting FMVSS / CMVSS 108 requirements.
  •     Two-piece uni-punched 34" rear barn doors over tailgate with over-center pull action latch mechanism.
  •     Fold down tailgate, 14" tall has double walled design, 12 gauge material inside, 14 gauge outside, fully boxed frame and two vertical braces.
  •     Tailgate has heavy-duty 1 ¼" top and 1" bottom hinge pins.
  •     Patented EZ-LATCH upper release mechanism to allow easy opening of tailgate.
12’ LANDSCAPE BODY                           

  •     HR 550 Hoist In Lieu of HR 540    
  •     Full Cab Shield Assembly     
  •     Side Door Ladder     
  •     2-Piece Full Height Double Rear Doors


Happy Thanksgiving from Northside Ford Trucks

Happy Thanksgiving from Northside Ford Trucks

2015 Ford F-150 SEMA DIY Raptor: Yes, a Do-It-Yourself Raptor

( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Next year in 2015 there will be no Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Pickup Truck because the 2015 Ford F-150 is all new.But that doesn't mean you can't build your own or even buy a pre-built wannabe Raptor as Roman found out at this year's SEMA Auto Show. If you are lusting for the ultimate desert truck next year, you have two good options.

( http://www.patreon.com/tflcar ) Please visit to support TFLcar & TFLtruck.


Best Practices for Preparing Your Fleet for Winter Driving

 The past few winters, we have seen snow and ice, with temperatures falling below -10 C.
This winter is likely to be more of the same, freezing with persistent snow and subzero temperatures:


During the winter months, fleet safety and winter driving should be a top concern. Winter is the season that requires the most care and preparation for your fleet, as crashes and breakdowns are more likely to occur.

Driving in winter means you will need to be extra careful about your driving style and vigilant with servicing your vehicle.
  •     Check your tyres frequently to ensure they are adequate for use on the road.
  •     Turn on your headlights during hazardous weather conditions, such as snow, fog, hail, or rain, as visibility will be reduced.
  •     Maintain a greater distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, as the stopping distance tends to increase on snowy, icy, or wet roads.
  •     Do not drive through moving water deeper than 10 cm.
  •     Drive carefully and wear dry, warm, and comfortable shoes which will reduce slipping on the pedals.
  •     If you drive uphill, try to keep your speed constant and choose gears in advance.
  •     While driving downhill, reduce your speed before descending, use low gears, and minimise the use of the brake or apply it gently.
Vehicle check for winter

Here is a checklist that will assist in keeping your vehicle suitable for winter driving conditions.
  •     Antifreeze: Make sure your vehicle has antifreeze and check its level often in order to ensure adequate cold temperature protection and avoid breakdowns. Check your handbook or ask a dealer for advice.
  •     Battery: If your vehicle is older than 5 years, check your vehicle's battery as well as it might struggle during cold temperatures. Replace it if necessary to avoid malfunctions that might cause you to stop.
  •     Fuel: Always keep your tank at least a quarter full in case of unexpected delays. Ensure you are using fuels that are suitable for winter driving conditions. If you are unsure, check with your garage or manufacturer of your vehicle.
  •     Lights: Regularly check and clean all lights so you can see and be seen.  Always carry spare bulbs.
  •     Tyres: Winter tyres should have at least 3mm of tread and check pressure on a regular basis, at least every 15 days. Consider winter tyres for improved safety.
  •     Windscreen: Keep your vehicles windscreen clean and clear as lower visibility is possible during the winter.
  •     Screenwash: Use good quality screenwash to reduce the chance of freezing.
  •     Locks and door seals: Use polish or Vaseline on rubber door seals to prevent them from freezing.
Before travelling:
The first few days you start driving in winter again, try to get up earlier so you have enough time to prepare your vehicle.

Make sure all windows are clear and you have top visibility, if necessary, using de-icers and scrapers to free your windscreen of any ice or debris.

Use a cigarette lighter to warm a key in a frozen lock, while avoiding breathing on it as the moisture will condense and freeze.

Plan routes that favour major roads which are more likely to have been cleared.

Always put safety before punctuality when in bad weather and make sure your mobile phone battery is always charged.

Your car winter kit:
Below is a must-have winter kit for your vehicle. Make sure you have all these items on board for a safe driving journey.
  •     Ice scraper
  •     De-icer
  •     Cleaning sponge
  •     De-mister pad
  •     Torch and batteries
  •     First aid kit
  •     Jump leads
  •     Screen wash
  •     Shovel
Hope you found these tips useful!

by Eleonora Malacarne

If you have some more good practices for winter driving, share them with us in the comments below.

For further information on best winter driving and car care practices, download our new ebook!



Special Unit F650 Mechanics Truck with CNG Power

Here's a bargain on a Mechanic's Truck:

(The truck shown may not be the unit advertised)

New Demo 2012 Ford F650 Crew Cab Chassis Cab with V10, 6-sp Ford 6R140 transmission with PTO opening, 6.50 axle ratio, Goodyear 11Rx22.5 Load Range G tires, 25,999 GVWR Rating, Carb Compliant 50 state emissions, Auxiliary switches (4), Front tow hooks, Backup alarm, Power coat anti-rust wheel paint, Engine block heater, XL Trim package, 40/20/40 cloth front seats with cloth rear seat, AM/FM Stereo w/CD & MP3, Heated Stainless Steel Mirrors with convex mirrors, Chrome front bumper, Chrome grille, Hydraulic brakes, 177 amp alternator, front axle 8,500 capacity, Air Conditioning, 18,500 rear spring suspension,

CASECO Master Mechanic Series, Model MM266. 133" Body Length, Fully Integrated Substructure and Side Pack Assembly, 24" Workbench Bumper, Exterior LED Work Lights, Interior LED Work Lights, Split 10-Drawer Unit on Driver's Side, GRACO Filter, Lubricator, Regulator Assembly, Stellar Model 10621 Hydraulic Telescopic Crane, 60,000 ft./lb., 10,000 lb. Maximum Lift, 21' Hydraulic Reach, Stellar SRS40P Rotary Screw Hydraulic Air Compressor with 22 Gallon Air Tank, Manual In/Out, Hydraulic Up/Down Outriggers, CASECO CNG Cross Box, 2-21x80 CNG Tanks (58 GGE), Impco CNG Conversion.

This is a new demo unit Mechanic's Body that was mounted on our own F650 chassis and shown at a few shows around the country. It was trucked to each event. It was converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and now is ready for sale. Because of the fact it was used as a demonstrator, we have secured extremely discounted pricing. This unit comes with full factory warranty. Want a CNG truck bargain? Here it is.

For more information, please contact Joe Hughes, Northside Ford Truck Sales at 253-709-0001 or Don Beezley, Commercial Director at 503-282-7777, ext 180 or email him at dbeezley@northsidetrucks.com.


SEMA 2014: Everything You Need to Know

For the automotive industry, attendance at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas is a must. It's the greatest exhibition of aftermarket automotive products in the nation, and it's all under one roof (actually seven roofs at the Las Vegas Convention Center).

We spent three hectic days on the convention center floor and didn't manage to see everything before we had to leave. For your convenience, we've collected all of our stories and videos from the show and deliver here in one easy-to-find listing

We've also put together an album with some of our favorites from the show, which include quite a few photos that you may have never seen before. We've posted that on our Facebook page. Enjoy.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears



Retractable Roll Top From Royal Truck Body

Fred from Royal Truck Body goes over their new power retractable roll top at an event in Woodbridge CA.  See more at http://www.royaltruckbody.com


Wow! Remember These Ford Econolines? Even A Pickup Model?

Here's a blast from the past with some shots of a 1961 Econoline pickup truck. Look at the steering wheel and interior with the engine between the seats, sitting all the way at the front, and so light weight, especially in the rear, that even with a small engine, spinning the rear wheels wasn't hard to do. And, check out that strange green color. Whew! We're so glad the new Transit is here!


Boss Ice Control - Tailgate and Slide-In Spreaders

For BOSS, it all starts here in Iron Mountain, Michigan, where designing, innovating and manufacturing world-class snow and ice removal equipment is what we're all about. We are a worldwide leader in snow and ice control with a growing lineup of plows for trucks, UTVs, and ATVS, salt and sand spreaders and box plows built for the professional.

Developing the tools that make snowplow professionals' jobs easier and more efficient is our ultimate goal. It's been that way for nearly 30 years. We know what is takes to design, engineer and build products that work in the worst conditions imaginable. And we're working harder than ever to deliver the toughest, most reliable, most innovative snow and ice removal equipment. Because at BOSS, we're always here to back you up.



SEMA Video: Custom 2015 F-150 Is Ready to Drift

We knew this 2015 Ford F-150 was something special the moment we saw it, which is not a small feat given there were a half-dozen customized F-150s sitting all around it. Built by champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., this truck had an impressive adjustable air-ride suspension and pearlescent lime-green rims. Take a look at this quick video we put together during the recent 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.

Cars.com image by Mark Williams


Roush CleanTech for Asplund F-650's

Vegetation Management Specialist Has Propane Autogas Trucks

Roush CleanTech is spreading the word that Asplundh, an international provider of vegetation management services to utilities and municipalities, is deploying propane autogas-fueled work trucks and is one of the first in its industry to do so.

Charlotte, N.C.-area bucket truck with a 58-foot aerial lift is one of two Roush CleanTech propane autogas-fueled Ford F-650s operated by Asplundh.

Asplundh operates a Roush propane-powered Ford F-650 bucket truck with a 58-foot aerial lift to prune trees in the Charlotte, N.C. area.

And an Asplundh affiliate operates a propane-powered chip dump truck in California, Roush says.

“We were searching for a cost-effective alternative fuel that provides an adequate refueling infrastructure and also meets our environmental initiatives,” Asplundh Tree Expert fleet services director John Talbot said in a Roush release.

“Propane autogas was our answer.”



The Ultimate Guide to Snowplow Accessories

When purchasing a snowplow, you get much more than just the plow. There are many pieces of equipment that typically come standard with a snowplow, such as a coupler tower, a-frame, undercarriage, wiring and controller, and attachment system. With all of these components you are ready to get out there and start plowing. However, many people opt to buy additional items to supplement their snowplow, whether it be an accessory to make their plow easier to use, to add an element of safety or to protect the plow from damage. Read on to learn about some of the accessories commonly available for snow and ice equipment.

Truck Plow Accessories

BOSS DXT SnowplowBallast Retainer – A ballast retainer can be a useful accessory to keep ballast from sliding all over in the back of your truck. The purpose of ballast is to act as a counter weight to your plow, so it should be positioned behind the rear axle, taking some of the weight off the front axle. Bagged sand is the most common material used for ballast because is it easy to load and unload and doesn’t slide around as easily as other ballast options. Although sand is less prone to slide than other materials, it is still important to keep all ballast right be behind the rear axle. The ballast retainer will ensure that the ballast stays in that place. Remember to refer to your snowplow manufacturer for recommendations regarding required ballast. 

Curb Guards – Curb guards, whether attached separately or built in, are the part of the cutting edge that wraps around the outer edge of the base angle to protect it from damage that could occur from scraping against a curb. A curb guard, as well as a snow catcher, are built in standard to a formed cutting edge on BOSS DXT and VXT models. If your curb guard is not built in, you should replace it at the same time you replace your cutting edge.

Cutting Edge – This is the actual edge on the plow that touches the ground. It is removable and must be replaced as it wears away to prevent damage to the plow. Cutting edges generally come in 1080 grade steel or urethane. Here at BOSS, we offer a portion of our cutting edges made from Hardox® wear resistant steel, which has about double the wear life of 1080 grade steel or urethane. Although steel and Hardox® are very rigid, urethane has its benefits too, like being more quiet and performing best on slush and fresh snow. Which material you choose depends on several factors like the type of customer you’re servicing or the quality of ground surface you plow on. For more information to help you determine which cutting edge is best for the accounts you service, refer to this blog article. Replacing the cutting edge depends on how often you use your snow plow, the wear life of the material of your cutting edge and the condition and type of the ground surface you’re plowing. You’ll want to replace your cutting edge before the plow frame is exposed and rubbing starts to occur on the moldboard.

Dolly Wheels – Dolly wheels are removable wheels for the bottom of your plow, typically used in the off season. If you store your plow in a garage or shop, sometimes it’s not always beneficial to have your plow stuck in one spot. With wheels, you can easily move your snowplow from one area to another. BOSS offers kits for both V plows and straight blade applications.

Front Bumper Replacement – Sometimes on a truck, the front bumper is blocking where the attachment system needs to be installed. Usually you have to have the factory bumper cut to make room for the attachment system. However, for select model Chevy trucks, you can opt for a custom made, pre-cut bumper offered by BOSS through your dealer. These pre-cut bumpers give your truck a finished, factory look and greatly reduces the amount of cutting needed on the OEM bumper. Speak with your BOSS dealer to see if your Chevy is compatible with this option.

Plow Guides – Plow guides are the thin pieces of tubing that can be attached to the upper two ends of the snowplow. They extend far enough above the hood of the vehicle so the plow operator can see where the two ends of the plow are from within the cab. This is helpful so you don’t accidentally hit anything with the ends of your plow due to lack of sight.

Snow Deflector – A snow deflector is typically made of a rubber material or poly and is attached to the top edge of the plow. Its purpose is to increase visibility while plowing by reducing the amount of snow that flies up over the plow and onto the windshield. You should replace your snow deflector when you start to see major wear, like tears or rips.

Snowplow Shoes – Plow shoes are attached to the bottom of the snowplow blade. They help raise the blade up slightly to prevent a bulldozing effect and instead to float over soft surfaces such as gravel, dirt or grass. When plowing snow on more solid surfaces like concrete, you could opt to remove the snowplow shoes to prevent wear. When it comes to replacing your snowplow shoes, it all depends on how often you used them and the quality of the ground surface they are used on. Be aware of how much wear there is and how much material is left on the shoes.

Snowplow Sight System – Exclusive for BOSS plows, the sight system makes aligning and hooking up to your plow faster and easier by using a sight pin, attached to the front of the hood of the vehicle, and a sight decal, placed on the back of the plow headlight. The sight system makes aligning your truck and plow for hookup quicker and easier every time, all you have to do is align the sight pin to the sight decal. For more information and installation help, check out this technical service video.

Snowplow Wings – Additional width can be added to the plow unit by adding removable blade wing extensions. These can be easily taken on or off the blade depending on the area needing to be plowed. The wings add additional plowing width thus, cutting down on the time to clear a lot. You can replace the cutting edges on your wings the same way you and at the same time as you would on the main blade cutting edge. Take a look at this article for more details about BOSS snowplow wings and installation information.


2015 Ford Transit Wins Van Comparison

Our friends to the North that run the Canadian Truck King Challenge have just finished their first full-size euro-style commercial van test, and the Ford Transit, powered by the turbo-diesel 3.2-liter PowerStroke inline-five-cylinder engine, beat both the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ram ProMaster in a tightly held contest.

The test was conducted over two days with six experienced journalists driving more than 2,000 kilometers, including several maneuverability road tests, payload hauling and even making a few real-world deliveries. They also conducted a midsize category challenge, which included the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. Unfortunately, the Chevrolet City Express and Ram ProMaster City were not available at the time of their test. The Nissan just squeaked past the Ford.

For more information about the 2015 Canadian Truck King Challenge Winner-Commercial Van division, click here.

Manufacturer images



Vandemonium: You Won’t Believe How Five Aftermarket Shops Designed the First Ford Transit Customized Vans for SEMA

  •     Custom-built project vehicles from five coach builders will showcase different expressions of Ford Transit van flexibility and capability
  •     The custom Transits will be on display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, Nov. 4-7
  •     A range of concepts will be represented, including Formula DRIFT, off-road adventure and high-end luxury versions
The first-ever all-new 2015 Ford Transit custom vans will debut at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Five Transit project vehicles were crafted to showcase the van’s toughness and flexibility for customers looking for a vehicle that can fit a variety of needs – from high-tech luxury limo to sport exhibitions to off-road adventure.

“Ford Transit vans and passenger wagons are designed to be upfit-ready so customers have an easier time customizing the vehicle to work best for them,” said Yaroslav Hetman, brand manager for Ford Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series. “We are very excited about what our SEMA customizers have done with these vans. They preview the first of what is expected to be a renaissance in custom vans, led by the all-new Ford Transit.”

Customized Transit vehicles on display at the SEMA show Nov. 4-7 include:

Vegas Off-Road Experience Transit
Vegas Off-Road Experience in South Boulder City, Nevada, provides the ultimate adventure for those who have always wanted to drive an off-road desert race truck. The VORE group applied its expertise in preparing off-road trucks to the new Transit, creating a vehicle that provides luxury transportation with an off-road theme. This Transit, equipped with off-road wheels and tires, will be used for guest transportation at VORE events.

“Transit offered us so much capacity to work with that we were able to take our plans further than we could with a typical van,” said Mike Self, Vegas Off-Road Experience chief marketing officer. “It will be a great vehicle for taking guests out on course in high-end comfort.”

Off-road and premium features of the VORE Transit include:
  •     Custom LED interior lighting
  •     Five LED flat screens
  •      60-inch LED flat-screen partition
  •     Large-screen TV for external viewing
  •     Video gaming station
  •     Touch-screen tablet controls
  •     LED light bars
  •     HID headlamps
  •     Extended fender flares
  •     Off-road wheels and tires

Designed Travel Transit
For long-distance road trips, Forest Lake, Minnesota-based Waldoch Crafts and 3dCarbon and Air Design of Newport Beach, California, customized a long-wheelbase, medium-roof Transit with a solid hickory wood floor and four reclining captain’s chairs with heating, cooling and massage functions, along with power headrests.

“The larger platform of Transit gives us room for creativity,” said Ernie Bunnell, vice president of sales for 3dCarbon and Air Design. “Transit provided us with a lot of capability, so we were able to include more technical features than the average conversion.”

Other features of the Designed Travel Transit include:
  •     Integrated front bumper with air dam and fog lamps
  •     Side skirts and lower rear skirt with integrated trailer hitch cover
  •     20-inch wheels and tires
  •     Rear seat with fold-down sofa
  •     Tablet control system
  •     4K ultra-high-definition 50-inch TV
  •     LED interior lighting
  •     Backup camera with 360-degree capability
Formula DRIFT Transit
This Formula DRIFT Transit is more than a concept – it is a functional vehicle that will be used at series events in 2015. The Formula DRIFT series, based in Long Beach, California, has taken a medium-roof, short-wheelbase Transit and transformed it into the ultimate track support vehicle. With high-horsepower vehicles sliding around at more than 100 mph in Formula DRIFT events, accidents do occur, and this custom Transit will be one of the first responders to help with fire and safety equipment at the accident site. Complete with a custom interior workspace with TV, LED lighting, a custom entertainment system from Clarion and a matching Kawasaki Mule support vehicle, this Transit will be a standout at the track.

”Track vehicles fulfill a lot of needs, and Transit is able to do it all,” said John Pangilinan, public relations director for Formula DRIFT. “The extra roof height Transit offers really adds a lot of usable space for all of our equipment, including the Kawasaki Mule.”

Formula DRIFT Transit highlights include:
  •     Matching Kawasaki Mule track support vehicle that will be housed inside Transit between events
  •     Storage bins for fire extinguishers, tools and cleanup equipment
  •     Workspace
  •     Fire suit and helmet racks
  •     Door-mounted flat panel monitor
  •     Performance air intake kit
  •     Performance exhaust system
  •     Performance suspension

Business Class Transit
This sleek, all-black Transit was created by Detroit Custom Coach of Oak Park, Michigan, and offers amenities for VIP travel, whether for business or a night out on the town. This long-wheelbase, high-roof Transit features seating for as many as eight people and a wide array of premium amenities, including cocktail stations.

“We are excited to show what the Ford brand can do when it comes to the VIP transportation industry,” said Detroit Custom Coach owner Chris Ramos. “We feel strongly that the new Ford Transit will give other vehicles in its class a run for their money.”

Premium and convenience features of the Business Class Transit include:
  •     Actuated passenger entrance step
  •     Wood-grain flooringLaptop station
  •     Cocktail station with glass holders
  •     Reclining, heated and massaging seats
  •     Color-changing LED lighting
  •     Flat-screen TVs
  •     Integrated iPad controls
  •     Wi-Fi
  •     Motorized privacy shades

Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner
Transit Skyliner, created jointly by Ford and Galpin Auto Sports of Van Nuys, California, embodies the spirit of premium motor coaches and builds on the heritage of custom vans. The custom vehicle shows how Ford Transit can be transformed to fit the needs of limousines and high-end transportation services, as well as commercial fleets, shuttle providers and small-business owners.

Transit Skyliner features custom-designed “throne” seats that are controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

“We are sincerely excited to work with Ford in creating the future of travel,” said Beau Boeckmann, president of Galpin Auto Sports. “Tapping our history of creating the conversion van segment in the 1960s and ’70s, as well as our recent high-tech work, together with Ford we have brought the modern ultra-premium van to life.”

Premium features of the Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner include:
  •     52-inch retractable movie screen
  •     Focal Utopia 7.2 surround sound with custom-made speakers
  •     Satellite TVKaleidescape media server
  •     Integrated bar
  •     Matching luggage
About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 189,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit corporate.ford.com.


Rugby Scissor Hoists

Rugby's line of durable Scissor Hoists range in capacities from 2.6 to 35.7 ton and fit bodies from 7 to 22 feet long. The HR series hoists come standard with a sub-frame that accomodates all popular domestic chassis, are black powder-coated to provide you with a durable and rust-resistant finish and have an unmatched 3-year warranty!

  •     Range in capacities from 2.6 to 35.7 ton
  •     Fit bodies from 7 to 22 feet long
  •     Black powder-coated to provide you with a durable and rust-resistant finish


Transfer Flow 40 Gallon Refueling Assembly

Ben from Transfer Flow goes over their new 40 gallon refueling tank at
the latest Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in Woodridge CA.  


Exploring the Texas King Ranch in a Ford King Ranch

Ford developed its first special-edition King Ranch pickup for the 2001 model year, and today, more than a decade later, its offspring include three luxury versions: an F-150 pickup, an F-Series Super Duty truck, and an Expedition SUV.

The King Ranch brand has been appealing to Ford buyers, and its heritage is similar to the actual family-run King Ranch, which is located in Kingsville, Texas, and which is known as the birthplace of the American ranching industry. The ranch is one of the oldest family corporations in the U.S., and is nearly the size of Rhode Island, a massive 825,000 acres of land that sprawls across six Texas counties. It comprises nearly 1,300 square miles in south Texas, several turf grass farms there, and has significant agriculture holdings in Florida.
The History

The Ranch dates to the middle of the 19th century, when Captain King was captivated by a region known as the Wild Horse Desert. King and his wife Henrietta developed the Ranch, regarded by many as the birthplace of some of the finest quarter horses in America.

Because Ford's design team used the King Ranch to "reinvigorate" and authenticate the update to the 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty King Ranch edition, we drove the 2015 Ford F-350 King Ranch with the PowerStroke diesel engine to take a look at how the Ranch uses a fleet of more than 250 Ford pickups every day.

What drew Ford designers to the ranch for inspiration? "What really stood out is how prominent the 'Running W' is, and how it defines and unifies the ranch," said Barb Whalen, Ford color and material design manager. "Similarly, we wanted that brand to define the new Super Duty King Ranch." The Running W is actually the brand burned into cattle on the ranch.

On the new Super Duty King Ranch, that Running W is the focal point for the interior. It has been cut and stitched to make the seat backs and center console appear branded. What's new is a lighter, richer shade of Mesa leather that trims the seats, center console lid, armrests and steering wheel. The exterior has darker Caribou paint for the wheel lip moldings, bumpers and lower body, while the bed rail caps, bumper caps and running boards are trimmed in black, with Running W wheel caps.

Texas is a focal point for Ford, because more pickups are sold in Texas than any other state; in fact, it's the top truck market in the world. Not surprisingly, Texas is the top-selling market for Ford's F-Series trucks and its Expedition SUV, and the King Ranch is one of the top trims on the F-150, Super Duty trucks and the Expedition. Ford frequently conducts market research in Texas that helps shape future products.
The Ranch

Arriving at the ranch for our two-day visit, we learned that all the trucks and buses used by the Ranch are Ford King Ranch vehicles. "We depend very heavily on the durability and reliability of Ford vehicles," explained Dave DeLaney, the current VP and GM of the South Texas ranches. "This is very rugged country and we need trucks that can last."

King Ranch Chairman Jamey Clement agreed. "To us, there are so many similarities with Ford. We have the same value: taking care of people," explained the King family descendant. "What it's about is relationships and the more we understand each other, the more we get in a truck and it feels like 'us.' It's a way of life, and people want to be part of the winning team and want to experience it," he said. "What is the King Ranch 'family brand'? It's all interrelated; if you listen to our people talk, they say 'my truck, my cattle.'"

Finding the right partner is difficult, said Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager. "We have a very select group of partners and the King Ranch is one of the few," Scott said. "It has to work right for us … with the idea of retailing and how it works for Ford dealers on the show room floor. One of the key tenets for us is brand authenticity and picking the right partners."
The Ride

How did the second-generation turbo-diesel 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 Super Duty F-350 drive? We clocked from 14 to nearly 18 mpg on our highway drives, but we faced strong headwinds as we motored from Austin to the ranch, which borders the Gulf Coast. As we returned, we encountered heavy downpours, both of which took a nip out of the truck's fuel economy. Our luxury-laden Crew Cab model is a true boulevard-cruiser, with Clydesdale-like horsepower (440) and torque (860 pound-feet) and a host of electronic features like Bluetooth, navigation and the newly included MyFord Touch and Sync systems.

What did we like best? The quietness of the interior, which has a plentiful array of nooks and cubbies for stowage, and the pickup's ergonomics. My driving partner and I are both height-challenged drivers and used the running boards to aid with getting in and out, we liked the adjustable pedals and height-adjustable seatbelts, as well as the overall ergonomics that provided good visibility and comfort in the leather-appointed Captain's Chairs. We came to the conclusion, after our time behind the wheel, that Captain King would have approved.

For more information about the 2015 Super Duty F-350 King Ranch Crew Cab, you can read about our first experience with the truck earlier this year.

(Editor's note: Official Texas State Photographer, Wyman Meinzer, captured the spirit of Ford's long-standing partnership with the King Ranch in a series of photos of trucks at the Ranch. Those images can be found at: www.wymanmeinzer.com.)

www pickuptrucks.com


SpaceKap WILD Water Test

Watch the SpaceKap WILD undergo the Ultimate Water Test and pass with flying colours. Not a single drop got in!!!!


F-150 BoxLink

BoxLink™ cargo management system includes lockable, die-cast aluminum tie-down cleats, and provides a unique interface to the box for improved flexibility and organization, as well as additional locations for tie-downs. Available segment-first cargo ramps can be stowed on the sides of the pickup box via the BoxLink system and mounted quickly on the tailgate to enable easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles or mowers


Quick Tow Comparison: 2015 Ford F-150 versus Chevrolet Colorado

The recent Texas Auto Writers Association's Truck Rodeo provided our first chance to do some comparison towing with a couple new 2015 pickup trucks. We hauled loads with a 2015 Ford F-150 equipped with the all-new 2.7-liter V-6 EcoBoost as well as an all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado with the 3.6-liter V-6. We didn't get to do any instrumented testing, but we thought you might be interested in our observations.

To its credit, TAWA allows its members to do some towing with select manufacturers' vehicles that are part of the rodeo. We can't think of any other automotive writers' association that does this. This year TAWA provided four identically equipped 500-gallon water-tank trailers — outfitted with a conventional surge-brake hitch — to put behind each of the designated vehicles. Although we didn't see an exact weight for the trailer, we calculated the total weight of water and double-axle reinforced supports to be just more than 5,200 pounds. Based on our best guess, the total weight of the trailer was nearly the same as the F-150 and probably several hundred pounds heavier than the Colorado. All trailers and hitches were well balanced and height adjusted, so there was no excessive tongue weight.

The Ram for this tow event was a well-equipped EcoDiesel; the Toyota Tundra was a fully loaded 1794 Edition; the Ford was a midlevel XLT FX4 package; and Chevrolet, interestingly, offered its Silverado 2500 Heavy-Duty Duramax and Colorado crew-cab V-6. As you might expect, the big and small diesels (the Ram EcoDiesel and the Chevy Duramax) made short work of the stubby trailer, with the Duramax significantly under-stressed during the drive loop. Likewise, the Tundra's V-8 had no trouble moving the load around comfortably and feeling quite stable (but we can't believe Toyota doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller yet).

The big news was getting the chance to tow with the all-new, high-tech 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, something we weren't able to do at the 2015 F-150's recent introduction. The bottom line is that the engine seems powerful enough to pull a 5,000-pound load wherever needed, but maybe more importantly is how calm and settled the chassis feels when pulling and hauling the weight. From hill stops and takeoffs on a fairly good grade, the truck handled smoothly and settled any road irregularities pretty quickly. In comparison, the Colorado, since it's a smaller and lighter vehicle with a naturally aspirated gas engine, struggled a little bit more. Still, the engine and midsize platform did have the grunt and pulling power to move the load on our drive route. We did find ourselves more aware of the weight and how the trailer could push us around if we weren't careful when going off-throttle into and out of curves and corners.

Our drive route was pretty short, but we did manage to collect some unscientific numbers. While driving the F-150 we averaged just more than 11 mpg, while the same route in the Colorado got us just less than 9 mpg. We're fairly certain the F-150 was equipped with 3.55:1 gears, while the Colorado only comes with 3.42:1 gears. There's not doubt the Chevy would have handled the load better with a 3.73:1 gear, as would the Ford — yet it wasn't necessary.

The F-150's new EcoBoost engine automatically turns off the auto stop-start feature and does a great job in Tow/Haul mode, slowing down the truck and trailer with an aggressive software program that makes quick downshifts when slowing or braking. The Colorado, dealing with a higher percentage of its maximum towing capacity (about 61 percent for the F-150 and about 74 percent for the Colorado), seemed to accelerate slower but had the very comforting ability to quickly downshift with just a tap of the brake pedal or manual thumb shift (the Ford also had this grade-braking feature, but it didn't seem to react as quickly and tended to rev the engine at a higher rpm).

Based on these preliminary quick drives, both pickups seem able to do plenty of hard pulling, but the Ford (with the smaller engine) seemed to handle the load with a touch more confidence. The Chevy V-6 was only down 20 horsepower when comparing the two engines, but when towing, the torque numbers always tell the tale. The Ford EcoBoost produces 375 pounds-feet while the GM V-6 gets 269, almost a 40 percent difference. Still, for a downsized player, a 5,000-plus trailer is likely to be a 99th percentile activity for this truck; even so, it's nice to know it will do it with control.

Texas Auto Writers Association images


Rack-it Aluminum Truck Rack Features Lighter Weight Construction

Gary Kank, Sales Manager of Rack-it Truck Racks gives an impromptu presentation of the Rack-it Aluminum Truck Rack to Terry Minion of Commercial Truck Success.

Aluminum racks are gaining in popularity to save weight and increase payloads and also for their
corrosion resistance. The Aluminum version is the same design as the famous Rack-it Steel Truck Racks.

Contact Rack-it at 800-445-7666 and visit their website at www.rackitinc.com


Tricked-Out All-New F-150 Pickups Seek 'Hottest Truck' Award at SEMA Show

  •     Ford F-Series trucks – specifically, the all-new 2015 F-150 – will vie for a fifth consecutive “Hottest Truck” award this November at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show
  •     Ford collaborated with SEMA builders to help produce the radical F-150 trucks that will be displayed at the annual Las Vegas tradeshow
  •     Shedding up to 700 pounds from the 2014 model, the 2015 F-150 is the smartest, toughest, most capable F-150 ever
DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 17, 2014 – From off-road prowess to street performance, custom versions of the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 – the smartest, toughest, most capable F-150 ever – will vie this November for the “Hottest Truck” award at the Specialty Equipment Market Association tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The SEMA award, won by Ford F-Series trucks for four years running, recognizes the most popular vehicles the organization’s members feature in their displays at the weeklong event.

Custom versions of the all-new F-150 will be displayed on the SEMA floor. They include:

The Deegan 38 project built a personal connection between Ford Racing’s Brian Deegan and the all-new F-150 with the 3.5-liter, twin-turbo EcoBoost® engine. Industry leaders including Addictive Desert Designs, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, FOX Racing Shox, KC Hilites, Mastercraft Safety, Rockford Fosgate, Full-Race Motorsports, Leading Edge Tuning, ProEFI and SCT Performance joined forces to provide extreme motorsport enthusiasts with the ultimate example of the world’s most capable truck.

“This F-150 should inspire the vast off-road, extreme-lifestyle-loving fan base to push the possibilities of the kick-ass new 2015 F-150 and the awesome 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine,” said

Boasting 12 inches of King shock-controlled travel via a Kibbetech custom suspension, this 2015 F-150 purpose-built by Formula DRIFT superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. is designed to take full advantage of the weight savings and serious torque offered by the all-new F-150. With its unique, aggressive looks and Air Lift Performance air ride, this street truck aims to turn heads and elicit huge smiles, while providing massive amounts of fun and adrenaline for up to five passengers who strap into its Recaro seats.

“I love trucks, and to build one that has daily on- and off-road capabilities, as well as drifting and jumping capabilities is something I have always wanted to do,” said Gittin. “I am really pumped to get crazy in this F-150 at SEMA this year.”

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 186,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit corporate.ford.com.