Morgan Standard Truck Body

Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum “standard” Class 4 to 7 GVW truck bodies include the innovative design, quality construction, and optional features that make them perfect dry goods delivery vehicles — regardless of what you haul!

With body lengths ranging from 10 to 28 feet, options to specify height and width parameters, and the ability to select door, bumper and lift-gate configurations to satisfy your unique needs — it's no surprise that Morgan's standard box truck body has set the standard for the industry for over 60 years!

Morgan innovation changed the van body industry when they produced an aluminum body that is aerodynamic in design, and features patented poly-tuff corners, a reinforced front-end, rugged rear frame, clearance light protectors, rain deflector and LED lighting sets -- to make it the toughest body on the road.

Aluminum Sheet and Post Design

By using weather-resistant aluminum sheet and post design, Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum “box truck”/“straight truck” configuration offers a durable body that weighs less, offers improved fuel efficiency, resists corrosion, and provides an excellent barrier between your payload and the elements.

Various Cargo Control Interiors

Morgan attention-to-detail includes a variety of optional features that make it easy to customize the cargo area to accommodate whatever you carry.  From your choice of tie-downs and enhanced lighting and skylight packages, to flexible shelving and rack system configurations — Morgan's Dry Freight Aluminum bodies support improved cargo control, easier, more efficient access, AND a safer work environment.

Every Morgan body is customized to meet your unique needs, so you're ready to meet the unique needs of YOUR customers!

Flooring has two screws per board in a staggered pattern design for added durability; and a dome light bracket that's actually attached to the roof bow for added security, means Morgan delivers an interior workspace that's designed and BUILT to last!

Strength and stability are all that matters when it comes to your sub-frame…Pre-undercoated floorboards, tapered wood sleeper-slats and steel u-bolts, deliver the solid platform you need -- and expect from Morgan.


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