Windshield Wipers 101

AAA shows you how to remove and install new windshield wiper blades plus how to add windshield washer fluid.


Design and Quote your BOSS Product in 6 Easy Steps

With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, homeowner's and snow contractors are preparing for another round with old-man-winter. The BOSS Product Selector is here to make designing your winter arsenal quick and easy. In the steps below, I'll explain how to get the most out of this tool. Follow along to see our suggestions for your vehicle, submit a quote request, and see every component you'll need to turn your vehicle into an instrument of order during winter's chaos.

To begin, visit bossplow.com and click on "Product Selector" or "Request a Quote" at the top of the home page.




Take a closer look at the BEDSLIDE accessories. See how the BEDBINS work with everyday items and why they are a great addition to your BEDSLIDE.


Bronco™ HOSS System | Bronco | Ford

Every Bronco™ is Built Wild™ with a HOSS system: High-Performance, Off-Road, Stability Suspension system. It’s designed and tuned for desert running, performance at speed, bumpy back roads and boulders.* *Professional drivers. Ford Sponsored drivers. Closed course. Always consult the owner’s manual before off-road driving, know your terrain and trail difficulty and use appropriate safety gear. Bronco Sport Badlands shown with optional equipment, available Ford accessories and custom vinyl wrap not available for sale. Bronco Sport Badlands, limited availability. See dealer for available inventory stock. Learn more about the 2021 Ford Bronco here:


Stop. Trains Can't.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have launched a national railroad crossing safety ad campaign to increase public awareness around railroad tracks and reduce crossing deaths and injuries. Although accidents at railroad crossings are an old problem, the problem is easily avoidable. This ad is the latest in a three-year, focused effort to reverse the uptick in railroad crossing fatalities. Its message is simple: Stop. Trains can’t.

For more information, please visit: https://www.trafficsafetymarketing.gov/get-materials/rail-grade-crossing/stop-trains-cant.


Electric Cars 101 | Consumer Reports

Electric cars are bringing some of the biggest changes the auto industry has seen in years. Consumer Reports’ expert explains why these vehicles might not be as new-fangled as you think.


Top 5 Safe Driving Tips

The roads can be dangerous! And, of course, we all want each other to get home safely. Here are CARFAX's Top 5 Safe Driving Tips!


The New 2022 Ford E-Transit World Debut | Ford

We’re electrifying the future for business. The zero-emission 2022 E-Transit is joining our EV lineup, leading the charge for commercial customers into an electrified, more sustainable future. *Preproduction vehicle shown. Available late 2021. Learn more about the 2022 Ford E-Transit here: https://ford.to/3lnXodE


What To Keep In Your Truck or Car

Mickey shares his Truck EDC setup. Includes a medical kit from D-Dey Response Group, security best, battery jumper, proper vehicle jack, outdoor boots, snacks and much more... F150 Truck Cover by Diamondback.

by: Carry Trainer



2021 E Series dual rear wheel cutaway with utility upfit

Name your vocation, and rest assured a Ford E-Series Cutaway can be configured to satisfy your particular requirements. For over 50 years, the E-Series Cutaway with its rugged body-on-frame construction and strong Twin-I-Beam front suspension has provided the proven foundation for school buses, shuttle transport, ambulance service, delivery and recreational applications. And now there's a new upfitter interface module to make it easier than ever to adjust your E-Series for the job.

Learn more here: https://www.ford.com/commercial-vehicle-center/


The All-Electric F-150 Lightning: Turning Electric Into Lightning | Ford

More thrilling, more connected, and smarter than ever. Take a closer look at the highly innovative, fully electric F-150 Lightning. Learn more about the Ford F-150 Lightning here: https://ford.to/3fA48n0 Discover more All-Electric F-150 Lightning videos here: https://ford.to/2SbKfuM


When to Replace Your Tires | Consumer Reports

The lifespan of a tire can range anywhere from 25,000 miles to 100,000 miles. The experts at CR show you how to check your tires so you’ll know exactly when to replace them.


Custom Designed Welders Bodies by Harbor Truck Bodies

Harbor can custom build a Welders Body 
for each customers unique needs

It seems that there's no such thing as a standard Welder Body because every welder want something different. Harbor can custom build a Welders Body for each customers unique needs. Here's a 9' Low Pro 34" Open Top Service Body with Stainless Steel lids and with slightly raised front compartments to the standard height of 40" closed compartment style.

This also has a small sized transverse compartment with two compartments for tall gas bottles in storage, while in the main front compartment are bottle brackets and rings for short gas bottles. This also has the rear compartment cut off and an 18" work platform with V-groove on the back plus the standard 8" step bumper.

This is all mounted on a new Dodge 3500 regular cab chassis and makes for a very clean looking rig.

Let Harbor create a unique body for you! Call 800-433-9452.

Visit us at http://www.harbortruckandvan.com/


Got Financing? Finance Your Snow and Ice Removal Equipment

Whether it is the beginning of a winter season and you need to add equipment to service new contracts or the end of a profitable season and time to replace equipment that took a beating all season long, understanding the financing options available to you is beneficial. Every purchase is unique and every business has different capabilities and needs. Below are several financing options for you to consider. 

2020 Retail Finance Promotion- Now through October 31st, when you buy any BOSS snowplow, spreader, or Snowrator you pay $0 down with 0 payments for 6 months! This is a limited-time offer, so take advantage today! Learn more about the retail finance promotion HERE. *THIS FINANCE PROGRAM IS OFFERED BY WESTERN EQUIPMENT FINANCE, INC. FOR US COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS ONLY. SUBJECT TO CREDIT APPROVAL. MINIMUM AMOUNT FINANCED $5,000. MINIMUM TIME IN BUSINESS TWO (2) YEARS. OFFER SUBJECT TO DEALER PARTICIPATION. PURCHASE MUST BE FOR COMPLETE PRODUCT. FULL PROGRAM DETAILS AVAILABLE THROUGH PARTICIPATING BOSS DEALERS. OFFER VALID FOR PURCHASES MADE AUG. 1 – OCT. 31, 2020.

Dealer Financing Options- Some local dealers may have financing plans available to consumers. Be sure to ask your local dealer if financing options are available. 

Local Financing Options- If you are an established snow and ice removal company, taking the time to consult with your local bank is a good place to start. Your local bank can help guide you regarding personal consumer loans or commercial loans for financing new equipment for your business. A finance program through your local bank may be the best option to obtain equipment and expand your business.

Other Financing Options-

Sheffield Financial 

Sheffield Financial provides powerful financing for powerful equipment. Click here to learn more or call Sheffield directly at 800-438-8892. 

WEF Equipment Financing

Right now take advantage of $0 Down, 0 Payment for 6 months! See program details here. WEF Equipment Finance is a full service commercial finance company that provides both lease and conventional financing options on many types of equipment. Click here to learn more or call WEF directly at 800-451-7087. 

Meridian OneCap (Canada Only)

Meridian OneCap provides financing for customers located in Canada. Click here to learn more or call Meridian OneCap directly at 416-888-1170. 




Survey respondents were asked to pick the two most important pieces of equipment on their service vehicles, out of air compressors, cranes, generators, welders, or other.

A significant portion of respondents chose “air compressor” as one of their top two most important pieces of equipment. Generators, cranes, and welders were split closely, with 32%, 31%, and 27% of respondents selecting these pieces of equipment as their top two most important. The other category includes responses such as hand tools, bucket lifts, liftgates, vacuums, and pumps.


Air compressors ranked even higher in popularity when segmenting the 47 Operators and Mechanics who answered the survey. 94% of these respondents chose air compressor as one of their top two most important pieces of equipment. Interestingly, Operators and Mechanics were the only segment that considered welders to be the second most important piece of equipment on their service truck.