Get Your Ford into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is just around the corner. And you may be putting the finishing touches on your costume while trying to figure out just how to keep up with that neighbor down the street. You know, the one who always has the horror movie-quality props and unbeatable costumes?

Have you ever thought about dressing up your car for Halloween? Your vehicle represents the last, virtually-untapped opportunity to prove your Halloween spirit and show everyone on the roadways that you are the king or queen of costumes. Movies and television give you a whole world of possibilities to draw from and your car’s costume can be as modest or mind-blowing as you’d like.

Of course, we want to remind you to consult your owner’s manual before making any modifications, to be sure that you can see out of all of your windows, not to do anything that will affect how the vehicle drives or performs and not to do anything that could come loose from the vehicle and cause a safety issue for others on the road.

Check out some of these ideas from fellow Ford fans, from the simple to the sensational:

Ghosts, Bats and Hats
If you’re looking for an easy way to get your Ford involved in the Halloween mischief, try adding a few holiday accents to your grille and roof. Halloween varieties include Pumpkin, Bat, Witch and even Dracula. These probably won’t win you any costume contests, but they are a fun and trouble-free way to get into the Halloween “spirit.”

Shark Attack
What’s more menacing than a shark? How about a shark on four wheels that passes you on the road? All it takes is a few teeth on the grill, fins on the roof and sides and a cool-looking tail spoiler. Add a severed arm or leg in the front to really give the neighborhood kids a scare.

Ghost Removal
If you don’t want to join them, beat them! I think we all remember a popular movie from the 1980s where four heroes drove around in a special station wagon and chasing ghouls, goblins and…you know. Embrace the classic movie and turn your car into the famed ghost catching vehicle. Perfect for older station wagons or even a Ford Flex!

Space Fighter
Speaking of classic movies, if you’re going for a more sci-fi theme this Halloween, go all out and turn your car, truck or SUV into an intergalactic space fighter. Battle the forces of evil on the roadways as you hyperwarp to and from work on your daily commute. With your trusty robot co-pilot at the helm, you’ll be a force as far as Halloween is concerned.

Are you a Ford Social fan who likes to get their vehicle into the Halloween spirit too? Give us your best motorized costume ideas in the comments below! Or share a photo of a previous year’s costume by clicking here!

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