World CNG Introduces Ford F550 Dedicated Natural Gas Truck Platform

Collaborative project with CASECO Manufacturing and Clear Sky CNG yields
medium-duty CNG service truck that outperforms gasoline and diesel models

Kent, WA –(November 28, 2012)– World CNG, a company specializing in natural gas vehicle technology and conversions, today announced the successful completion of a 2012 Ford F550 dedicated natural gas truck platform. The project’s goal was straightforward: produce a natural gas-powered Ford F550 with a crane service body that achieves a 250 mile range and outperforms the gasoline model at near-maximum loads of 19,500 lbs. Critical to the success of the project were service body manufacturer CASECO Manufacturing and World CNG’s Oklahoma City certified install partner Clear Sky CNG.

"Natural gas-powered vehicles are a cleaner and more affordable solution for any number of fleets that operate mediumduty work trucks," said Josh Hosford, World CNG Vice President of Sales. "World CNG’s new F550 dedicated CNG conversions combine the rugged durability of the CASECO service body with the versatility of our custom-designed natural gas fuel systems to offer these fleets a safe and reliable natural gas work vehicle."

Chesapeake Energy Corporation, the second largest producer of natural gas in the United States, was the first customer to purchase the Ford F550 platform for its corporate fleet. Chesapeake is converting its fleet of nearly 5,000 vehicles to run on compressed natural gas.

"Chesapeake would not be able to convert its fleet to run on CNG without a variety of vehicle options, including the Ford F550 offered by World CNG," said Dale Sanderson, Chesapeake Specialty Equipment Manager. "World CNG accommodated our fleet’s needs and produced a vehicle that is performing well in the field. We look forward to continuing to take advantage of the many benefits of using natural gas as a transportation fuel – specifically fuel cost savings and lower emissions."

Hosford added, "These conversions typically pay for themselves in eighteen months. Because our design focuses on range and drivability, we expect very strong demand for this product in 2013."

In addition to the Ford F550 configuration World CNG also has available EPA- and CARB-certified dedicated CNG conversions for the Ford F450 and F650 trucks. Each configuration features a World CNG high pressure system, customdesigned to allow for a variety of box and service body options to suit utility/municipal fleets, private contractors, and cargo delivery services.

The box truck configuration includes two rail-mounted composite CNG tanks with a combined 58.6 GGE of fuel storage, providing an estimated range of up to 350 miles and no loss of cargo space. Service bodies are manufactured and engineered by CASECO Manufacturing, as are each I-Mount Cross Box that houses a dual CNG tank configuration. The IMount Cross Box is a space-efficient and sturdy CNG tank storage solution that also provides one slide-out storage drawer.

Three composite dual tank configurations are available, each providing 250 to 350 miles of estimated range.

CNG conversions are available for model years 2011 and 2012 and for F450 and F550 vehicles up to 19,500 lbs. maximum GVW and the F650 model up to 30,000 lbs. maximum GVW. Model year 2013 is available for pre-order. http://www.casecotruck.com/default.htm

About World CNG:
Escalating economic and environmental costs of transportation fuels affect businesses and municipalities of all sizes, but especially those with fleets of vehicles that consume thousands of gallons of fuel every year. World CNG’s mission is to provide these fleets with vehicles that save money on fuel and maintenance costs and produce significantly fewer harmful emissions than conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles. World CNG specializes in the aftermarket conversion of light- and medium-duty passenger and cargo vehicles to use compressed natural gas instead of conventional gasoline or diesel.

With over 25 years of experience in the development, fabrication, and installation of alternative fuel systems, World CNG is a well-established leader in the alternative fuel vehicles industry. Catering primarily to public and private fleets and transit and paratransit groups, World CNG’s product line covers the entire spectrum of fleet vehicles. http://www.worldcng.com/

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