Ford's 2015 F-150 Embarks on a 38-City Test Drive Tour

At the first media drive for the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, Ford took over a huge parking lot and set up a four-station educational and experiential event in which auto journalists could learn about the frame and understructure of the new truck, do some comparison test drives on an eighth-mile track and autocross, find out about the new bed tech and, finally, get into the truck and be led through all the new information screens and technology controls.

Each of the stations gave us a pretty clear idea that there is a lot to learn about this new truck; the stations also allowed us to see how it competes with other pickup trucks in the segment. From the inception of the 2015 F-150, Ford knew it was going to have to invest in a significant educational program to convince and show people — media and customers alike — what the pickup's revolutionary materials and powertrains could do. That's when the idea of a 38-city traveling tour was born, pretty much duplicating the program the media experienced at the first-drive event.

With dates starting Oct. 11 and running through Dec. 17, the tour will educate potential buyers and current Ford customers about the truck and let them get behind the wheel to experience it all. To participate, people must sign up in advance at F150drive.com and answer a few questions. All participants will be eligible to win a new F-150. We've been told that competitive trucks will be available (Ram 1500 Hemi, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3-liter, Toyota Tundra 5.7-liter and a few V-6s as well). Check out the chart below to find the tour stop nearest you and sign up today.

Manufacturer image

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