What Is a Three-Way Tipper Dump Truck?

Dump truck design has come a long way since this vehicle was initially developed in the first quarter of the 20th Century. There are a myriad of these vehicles available at dump truck sales with designs to suit various applications. There is one notable design that took this basic vehicle to an entirely new level and it is known as the three-way tipper; it is a unique design innovation that revolutionizes how this equipment is used.


Standard - The standard version consists of a steel box bed mounted at the rear of the cab that is held down by hinges at the rear end of the vehicle's chassis. The hinges allow the dump bed to be lifted vertically. A single massive hydraulic ram also connects the chassis and the bottom of the bed and provides the force necessary to lift it at a steep angle in order to empty the contents.

While the standard version of this vehicle is effective for unloading anything that has been collected in its bed, it has a few limitations. The dump bed can only unload through its rear end. This means that in most cases, operators will have to back up and maneuver to get the equipment in the right position to unload in the correct spot. Maneuvering the truck takes time and costs money for the extra fuel involved. It can also be a problem when the location for unloading does not have enough space for maneuvering.

Three-Way Tipper - While standard dump trucks can only empty their contents at the rear of the vehicle, the three-way tipper is capable of unloading on three sides. The two are similar in terms of the base frame design, as well as the bed, and they both utilize the same reinforced frame for stability along with a metal box for hauling material.

The feature of the three-way tipper that makes it so unique lies underneath the dump bed. The new design utilizes four hydraulic rams each equipped with a cross joint to permit movement. Raising two of the hydraulic rams situated on the right side of the chassis causes the bed to tilt to its left. In the same manner, if the hydraulic rams on the left side are raised, it will cause the bed to tilt to the right. For it to perform the same function as a standard dump truck, the operator can raise both hydraulic rams situated behind the cab to tilt the bed to its rear.

Advantages of the Three-Way Tipper Design:

    Faster Unloading - With the three-way tipper, operators can reduce their unloading time because it eliminates the need to back up, maneuver and position the equipment just to get the contents to land in the right spot.

    Conserves Fuel - Maneuvering the equipment for unloading burns fuel. Because maneuvering is usually not necessary with the new design, it helps conserve fuel.

    Less Space Needed to Unload - Unloading in a tight space is one thing that drivers have problems handling. Backing up and maneuvering in a tight space can be dangerous. With the new design, operators may not necessarily have to back up every time, so there less risk of hitting anything that may be behind the truck.

The three-way tipper is a break from the conventional design of trucks normally sold at dump truck sales. With this new concept comes higher functionality and efficiency. It's no wonder that with all of these productive new features, more interest is being shown in the three-way tipper dump truck!

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