Harbor Truck Bodies Contractor II Body - More Capacity in the Same Space!

The Harbor Truck Bodies Contractor II Body is an exciting part of the Contractor line. On the dual rear wheel models it offers a special larger box that allows you to carry larger items than would fit in the previous boxes AND at the same time have much more bed space, which is the main reason people like Contractor Bodies. 

This body is especially nice for the 56" and 60" CA Single Rear and 60" CA Dually chassis, so you get the great advantage of about the same bed space as a 12' body but on a 10' body and that translates into great maneuverability! Cut 24" out the the wheelbase and you have a whole new dimension of drive-ability. The Harbor Contractor II a great change from the normal Contractor body and with increased storage and flexibility.

Consider the Contractor II Body for your next Contractor Body needs.

Visit the Harbor website at http://www.htbi.net/.

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