Ford Makes a Special Delivery of Its 33,000,000th F-Series Pickup

Among major milestones in the world of pickup trucks, this one ranks near the top. Imagine producing more than 33 million of anything, let alone full-size trucks for the last 65 years. To put that into perspective, picture enough full-size pickup trucks to line up nose to tail, with a little bit of room to jump from truck to truck, to run from wherever you’re sitting right now TO THE MOON.

Sure, depending on how you cut them up, that’s more than 13 generations of light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, but it’s still impressive. Mind-blowing even.

Now imagine buying your dream truck, a 2013 F-150 Platinum you’ve been waiting months to purchase ever since you saw the first pictures (we’ll assume for the sake of the story, right here at PUTC). You purchase the truck at your favorite Ford dealer in Plano, Texas (Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford--the same dealership he bought his first Ford from in 1969) and then you discover that the pickup isn’t just special to you, but also to Ford Motor Company for very impressive reasons.

Sam Loria, a 76-year old truck guy from Princeton, Texas (just outside of Dallas), was, no doubt, quite surprised that his long-awaited new-truck purchase will forever hold a very special place in Ford Truck history. We’re hoping his truck got some kind of dash plaque or special accomendation he can keep in the glove box. Congrats to all involved.

From http://www.fleet.ford.com/

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