Ford Friends and Neighbors Pricing Event

Guys and Gals! This is a HUGE DEAL! Now through January 4th, Ford will be holding for the first time ever a "FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS" pricing event. What does this mean you ask? It means that EVERYONE can get the pricing that typically only employees of Ford Partners (think PG&E, Pepsi Co, etc) are able to get.

This pricing is known as X Plan pricing. It's a set price which makes it wonderful when car shopping. You don't have to fret about negotiating or haggling because the price is already set at a very nice and low price saving you lots of money!

The Friends and Neighbors pricing event is available on ALL Models and Model Years other than specialty units such as our 50th Anniversary edition Mustang (currently on the showroom floor), Focus RS (not yet in stock), Mustang Shelby350 (not yet in stock), etc.

So hop to it and come on over while the inventory is still plentiful! Want to get a jump start right now at home? Visit our website to start shopping!

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