A Customized Harbor Weldmaster Body For NV Energy

At Harbor Truck Bodies, we make a Welder body called a Harbor WeldMaster and it has general application; however, welders are very independent thinkers when it comes to the body they want to work out of, so there are many different variations on this theme. Our standard WeldMaster is a
standardized product and is cost effective for many. In addition to the standard features of the TradeMaster which is the basis of this product, the body comes standard with a 63" Raised Front Compartment that is vented and includes bottle brackets and rings for gas bottles. A second Raised Compartment is an available option.

The photos show a highly customized Harbor WeldMaster body modified for NV Energy and installed by Cobalt Truck Equipment, a Harbor Truck Bodies distributor in Nampa, Idaho. It includes some innovative custom accessories such as a unique 4-gas bottle pullout tray on heavy duty slides for easy loading, a pullout welding table off the bumper, and a V-notch work bench bumper. Notice the custom notches for wheel chocks and three Emberton drawers in the horizontal compartment.

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