PLB-090B Landscaper Body on a GM 3500 chassis with a KPLS-942463A Storage Pack and Solid Rear Cargo Gate

Versatility and functionality meet with Knapheide's Landscaper Body. Our Landscaper Body was designed to do the jobs that other landscaper bodies can't.

Want to transfer mulch, dirt, or sand into a wheelbarrow without spilling half of it?  Our metering gate can handle it.  Want to load pallets of sod into the bed?  Our 50" wide side access door that opens to a full 180 degrees is perfect for the job.  Want a hassle-proof way of climbing into the bed to retrieve your equipment?  Our grab handle and step has got you covered.  No matter if you need to haul or dump, the landscaper body can do it all.  Add on some external secure storage with our storage packs or under body roughneck toolboxes.

Find out more at: http://www,knapheide.com/product/landscaper-bodies

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