Turn Your Ford Transit Connect Van Inside Out!

Katerack® Wagon - Ford Transit Connect

The Katerack® is designed to offer the most efficient use of your van's cargo area. Standard configuration contains three shelves. No crawling into the van or kneeling on unseen sharp objects and tools. Pull out shelves bring everything that was on the inside within easy reach!

Features & Benefits
  • Each shelf can handle an evenly distributed load of 300lbs.
  • Each shelf can be fully extended using heavy duty commercial grade drawer slides with double locking mechanisms and a center mounted assist handle.
  • Shelves are constructed of extruded aluminum perimeter angle and 3/8" thick FRP shelving material.
  • Shelves can be easily adjusted with 7/32" hex tool.
  • Easily add additional shelves, drawers, and accessories.
  • Catering, Floral, General Contractor, and Painter packages available.

Dimensions:   40"H x 42.5"W x 30"D

Find a local Masterack Distributor at:  http://www.masterack.com/us-distributor-results.asp

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