Harbor Cargo Enclosure With Barn Doors or Tailgate

Harbor offers the 2 and 3 piece Cargo Bed Enclosures and two
choices for access to the enclosed cargo bed area. 

Cargo Bed Enclosures are very popular options that help keep cargo in the bed area out of sight and secure. They are available in 2-piece for 8' and 9' bodies and that opens up approximately 50% of the bed area when the top is pushed all the way rearward and the 3-piece for the 8' and larger bodies that opens up approximately 66% of the bed area. The 3-piece Enclosure is available as a Raised Enclosure with barn doors on the rear for the secured transport of taller items.

The 3 piece Enclosure choices for access are Rear Barn Doors or the Tailgate design. The choice may be governed by the load when loading or unloading normal cargo such as equipment or tools. For example, heavy loads may be set into the bed area with the barn doors open and not risk damage to the tailgate. On the other hand perhaps longer loads would be better supported with an open

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