The TruckBoss Deck For Pickups

TRUCKBOSS Work Truck Solutions—a cross between a closet organizer, a pack mule and a vault.  Capture Channel Technology enables any toolbox, tie-down, or restraint to be attached to the Deck Surface, Deck Sides, Cab-Guard or Cargo Racks.  Capture Channels allow a carriage head bolt to be placed virtually anywhere on the deck—facilitating mounting points for any accessory imaginable.

- Cab-Guard and Ramp Bar (TBOSS-CG) employ Capture Channel Technology, allowing accessories such as fire extinguishers, flashing amber lights,                 antennas, buggy whips or scene lighting.  The Ramp Bar doubles as a Tie-Down running the width of the deck

- Side Load Bars (TBOSS-SLB) not only increase the height of the side rails for increased containment, they also double as Tie-Downs

- Cargo Rack Front and Cargo Rack Rear (TBOSS-CRF and TBOSS-CRR) bolt to the deck surface and extend above truck cab height.  They are ideal for             carrying ladders, conduit, PVC pipe, or even a canoe (who says a work truck can’t play)

- 5000# rated D-Ring tie downs (TBOSS-TieD) can be attached on any capture channel

- Seals to the bed rails of your truck and a hinged Rear Access Flap works with your tail gate; all to seal out weather and secure cargo

- TRUCKBOSS is a Transferrable Asset—it is not truck-model specific and can be moved from one brand of truck to another

- Manufactured from anodized aluminum, providing years of service without a degraded appearance.  No painting nor rusting

- Aluminum drawers mounted to a cargo tray (for the HD user) or mounted on UHMW runners (light duty user) complete the system and enable access           to tools and equipment stored under the TRUCKBOSS

- Modular Design—the addition of ramps will enable hauling of an ATV, snowmobile or any other wheeled or tracked machine (lawn tractor, snow                     blower, golf cart, etc)

- The addition of Extendable Sides will enable hauling of two ATVs or snowmobiles

- Modular Design and Capture Channel Technology means damaged parts can be replaced with simple hand tools

- 2000# Rated Capacity
- Capture Channel Technology
- Anodized Finish
- Rear Access Flap
- Front Safety Barrier w/Integrated Tie-Downs
- Optional Extendable Sides (6’ - 8.5’max width)
- Optional Cab-Guard and Ramp Bar
- Optional Side Load Bars (TBOSS-SLB)
- Optional Cargo Rack Front (TBOSS-CRF)

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