A SuperDuty Plumbers Body!

This Harbor WorkMaster was built for Orange County Plumbing and what a great work truck inside and out! Mounted on a nice SuperDuty Ford Dually Crew Cab, there will be no problem getting the full crew to the jobsite!

When they are ready to work, notice the great way they have stored the stepladders on the roof rack extension over the cab. And when you open up the rear doors you will see all the great storage space available for all their tools, equipment and parts.

Inside handles provide help to access the body interior. Notice in particular, the nice wide well-spaced shelving allows plenty of room for hefty tools and supplies on the passenger side and bins for small parts on the driver’s side and front.  

Shovels are easily retrieved from storage in the rear door mounted vertical pipes. The interior is well lit up with three overhead florescent style lights.

Access to the sky-high roof level is accessible by a rear mounted ladder on the driver’s side. Also, the pipe can be stored and retrieved through the small access door on upper right side. See the beefy step bumper and the vice bracket on the right side also.

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