2014 Chassis Cab -You don't want promises. You want proof.- Part 1 - Frame Strength

For your business to endure these days, you need your tools to last. The backbone of any truck is its frame. Ours is a proven, durable design that can withstand the everyday rigors of heavy hauling and towing. And our available Ford-built 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel has endured more abuse from our testing staff than you can possibly dish out. If you demand a truck that'll be there for you for the long haul, you're looking at it.

The crossmembers on the Super Duty® Chassis Cab frame are riveted, welded, or both, to optimize frame capability. There's also the steel C-channel up to 6.7-mm thick. Put this and more strong measures together and you'll know why Super Duty Chassis Cab delivers outstanding payload and towing capability.

 - See more at: http://www.fleet.ford.com/fleet-showroom/?brand=Ford&md=ChassisCab&yr=2014&sg=commercial-trucks#sthash.JEBEbgG1.dpuf

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