Ford Cab-Chassis or E-Series Cutaway - There's a Body to Meet Your Needs

Work Trucks: Give us your requirements, we'll  choose the right chassis, body and equipment to meet your needs.

Some examples of work trucks built to customer influenced specifications:

This Knapheide Crane / Service Body was outfitted 
with A Steller Industries Crane and a Tommy Gate Liftgate.
Find out more about these products at:

Here is a Thieman Railgate mounted on a Knapheide Stakebed
Find out more about these products at:

And here is a Knapheide KUV Body mounted on a Ford Cutaway. It sports a custom roof rack with over-cab extension. Many customers choose the KUV because of the benefit of organizing and locking up their equipment, tools and inventory securely. The KUV also provides for safely carrying and securing conduit and pipe.

Find out more at: http://www.knapheide.com 

All three units were built by California Work Trucks in Union City, CA.

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