Nice White Ford Supercab With Knapheide Service Body, Crane and Liftgate

Here's a nice white single rear wheel super cab Ford with a Knapheide Service Body, a Tommy Gate liftgate, a Stellar Industries EC2000 pedestal crane with 2,000 lb capacity with manual outrigger, and LED lighting. 

It also sports a ladder rack on the streetside, a curbside vice bracket and spray-in bed liner protection. 

Notice how the liftgate is painted white to match the cab and the body, the crane and ladder rack.

Built by California Work Trucks in Union City, CA. http://www.calworktrucks.com/. Find out more about their liftgates at http://www.calworktrucks.com/productofferings/liftgates.html. Find out more about their cranes at http://www.calworktrucks.com/productofferings/cranes.html

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