Ford Superduty With The Pup Loader Powered by the Westport Wing System

Seen at the 2013 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis:

 The cutting-edge leader in compressed natural gas engine technology now brings its power and efficiency to light-duty trucks—introducing the Westport WiNG™ Power System.

The Westport WiNG Power System creates a bi-fuel truck capable of running on two fuels: compressed natural gas (CNG) first, then if empty, gasoline. It allows the owner to use a clean, domestic, low-cost energy source as their primary fuel and to have the security of gasoline as a back-up fuel. The Westport WiNG Power System is ordered and serviced at authorized Ford dealer/distributors. It is installed at a Westport facility adjacent to the Ford assembly plant and shipped to your dealer using the normal Ford Transportation System.

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The Pup

Standard Features:

    6 Cubic Yard Body

    Packs a Ton – Fits on One Ton Trucks

    15-18 Second Cycle Time

    Loads from both sides

    Totally enclosed hopper keeps trash contained

    Full load eject, no body tipping


    Cart or barrel dumper, left or right side

    Optional Work Lights

    European Style Cart dumper

    Top-Latching self-latching hydraulic tailgate

    Strobe Light

    Rotating Beacon

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