How to Remove a Straight Blade Plow from Storage

When deciding to become a straight blade BOSS plow owner, it is important to know how to properly store that plow. Knowing how to store and remove your plow from storage, will help you in maintaining the plows quality. Along with maintaining the look of your BOSS plow, proper storage will help ensure your plows performance, providing you with reliable service! Follow the steps below to learn how to properly store and remove your plow from storage!


Removing the Plow from Storage

1. Check the plow for cracked welds.

2. Check the torque of all fasteners, pins, retainers, nuts, and bolts; tighten as necessary.

3. Check the hydraulic lines and hoses for cracks or leaks.

4. Replace the hydraulic fluid

5. Check the cutting edge for wear.

6. Tighten the trip-return springs.

7. Lightly sand and use touch-up paint on painted areas that are scratched, chipped, or rusted.

8. Grease the coupler spring pins.

9. Apply dielectric grease to all of the wire harness connectors.

10. Attach the plow to the vehicle.

11. Move the plow through its range of motion to check the hydraulic cylinder rods.

As the winter season ends, be sure to follow these simple steps to properly store your BOSS plow. Storing your plow will ensure that it will be ready to get back at it next winter!

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