10 Reasons to Outfit Your Van with Sortimo Equipment


Outside Ford - inside Sortimo

You have decided to purchase a new vehicle?
Now all that is missing is the Sortimo equipment. Have a look at our standard solutions for your make of vehicle.

Branch specific add-ons and individual demands are absolutely no problem for us. Your local contact person will be glad to be of further assistance.

Sortimo offers real opportunities for your customers to save money and generate profits. The top advantages/benefits of Sortimo are listed below. While each benefit directly translates into a dollar value for your customer, the importance of each will vary according to individual customer needs.

1. Highest Safety

Since 1994, Sortimo equipment has been regularly crash-tested for safety with a full load. These tests have been conducted by independent agencies in Germany, UK, and France. Sortimo also offers various means of securing your cargo – from tool boxes to ladders to gas tanks – for safe transportation.

2. Lighter Weight

Sortimo equipment is up to 65% lighter than predominantly steel-made components available in the U.S. market which results in greater fuel efficiency.

3. Higher Resale/Residual Value
Sortimo’s equipment is installed without drilling into the vehicle resulting in greater resale value or residual value on a leased vehicle.

4. Transferable Upfit
Sortimo’s equipment can easily be transferred to another vehicle, extending the life cycle of our products, and eliminating the need to purchase new equipment for replacement vehicles.

5. Increased Productivity

Better organization means increased productivity of technicians who spend less time on each call, serving more customers each day.

6. Ergonomic Design

Tools and equipment are easily accessible – for working inside or outside the vehicle.

7. Mobility

Using a variety of Sortimo boxes, technicians can take their tools and parts from curbside to worksite.

8. Inventory Management

Sortimo bins and boxes can be labeled and are removable. This gives customers the flexibility to organize in the warehouse and/or van, making it easy to load all job-specific tools and parts before going out on service calls, reducing the amount of excess inventory.

9. Optimum Space Utilization

Locked-in drawers, bins, and tool boxes are arranged to optimize shelf space, allowing you to carry bigger payload in the same space, or the same payload in a smaller vehicle.

10. Versatility

Sortimo’s modular design enables customers to quickly and easily re-configure bins and BOXXes to accommodate changes in working conditions. Upgrades and modifications can be made to the existing system without having to uninstall or re-install.

Source:  http://www.sortimo.us/

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