A Nice “Green” CNG Powered Ford Super Duty Pickup at the 2013 Work Truck Show

Ford reports that their commercial vehicle lineup has expanded with the industry’s broadest range of CNG/LPG-Ready offerings

Fleet customers, companies and municipalities are also making long-term commitments to CNG. For example the city of Indianapolis, the host of the 2013NTEA Work Truck Show has committed to shifting its cars, heavy trucks and police cruisers to a mix of electricity and natural gas, aiming to eliminate use of conventional gas and diesel fuels by 2025.

Vehicles capable of running on compressed natural gas or propane autogas have reached record levels, as businesses and commercial customers seek relief from constantly fluctuating gas prices. They report that sales of CNG/LPG prepped engines have increased more than 350% since 2009 as gas prices continue to fluctuate and CNG cost remains stable.

Businesses are using CNG-fueled trucks to lower their operating costs, with the payback period for recouping conversion upfit cost reported to be as fast as 24 to 36 months of in-use service

As gas prices continue to rise, CNG conversion is reported to drastically lower vehicle operating costs for fleet administrators. CNG is reported to sell for about $2.10 per gallon, representing a significant savings over unleaded regular fuel, selling for a national average of $3.78 per gallon according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report. Ford reports that it will provide sustainable solutions for a broad spectrum of its fleet customers. They report that depending on application and usage, businesses can see payback for CNG/LPG systems in as little as 24 to 36 months.

And yet another benefit of CNG usage is that it can result in up to 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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